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Time Trial Pictures
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Warming up on deck Warming up in pool Still warming up
More warm up ... ...
Warm up Isaac diving Ending warm up
Last one of warm up End of 50BK Women's 50FR
Women's 50FR Men's 50FR Isaac's 50FR
500FR Jane's 500FR Matt's 400IM
Maria's 500FR Rory doing that coaching thing 200IM
Jenny's 200IM More of Jenny's 200IM Huey's 200IM
50BK Free Relay Jessica before her relay
Tony's 50BR 50BR 200FR
John's200FR Huey's 200FR 100FR Start
Jane's 100IM More of Jane's 100IM Allison's 100FL
Yoram's 100FR Jenny and Maria acting ... Women's 100FR
Men's 100FR Isaac after 100FR Start of Medley Relays
Matt after Relay Joe's mile After the Meet
The coaches being kids Team Photo1 Team Photo2
Maria read to lead off relay

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