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6X125 odds: fingerdrag   evens: (25 r arm/ 25 l arm/25 r arm/25 l arm/25 swim)

Kicking set
100 K on side
75 k on side/ 25 fast kick
50 k on side/ 50 fast kick
25 kick on side/ 75 fast kick
100 fast kick

5X[ 100 choice stroke drill]   choice is fly, back, breast or IM, NO FREE
  [2X50 choice stroke swim ]

50 EZ

7X 175 + 25 free   (50 drill/ 125 swim)
odds: long axis strokes (back or free)
evens: short axis strokes (fly or breast)

8X50 sprint   count strokes and try to decrease or at least remain the same
1-4: free
5-8: stroke(non-free)

200 cool down